WhastApp is a great cross platform messaging app, that allows you to send messages, images, even your own GPS location over a data connection to other friends with the App. I use it a lot, and even the advent of iMessage hasn’t quelled my use of it with features like group messaging not yet in iMessgae, and the lack of support outside iOS, there is still a strong need for WhatsApp.

This has been made even clearer by the recent announcement by the WhatsApp team that they now handle over 1 Billion messages per day for their users….

The mobile messaging market is moving, choices around platforms and their pricing and how they provide an amazing customer experience are the hot topics at hand. As a leader in the messaging space and with our network now handling over one billion messages a day, we see that the power is with the consumer.

The recent introduction of WhatsApp client for Windows Phone only goes to show that WhatsApp plan to remain active and relevant.