Gaming Laptops: And Now We Have TDE (Turbo Drive Engine) Technology

Sometimes, you do find gaming laptops on free laptop deals. Connectivity providers are not stupid – and they have realised that there is a whole segment of the computing population out there that is interested in the internet purely so it can get involved in global gaming.

The latest generations of gaming laptops are something to behold. Turbo Drive Engine technology was first unveiled around four years ago. Since then the speed and power of the gamer’s laptop has gone into another dimension.

King of the castle is still the Alienware (Dell), which makes dedicated gaming so addictive that even people like me, who could care less about internet gaming (or indeed any gaming) are tempted to give it a try. The configurations you find inside the Alienware are typical of new generation gaming laptops – unlikely to pop up in any free laptop deals without some serious contractual commitment, but impressive nonetheless.

The heart of gaming laptop technology is the dual core processor and the availability of graphics memory. Modern gaming laptops can deliver up to 4GB of available graphics memory, which makes even the most demanding scrolling, action and adventure a breeze. Previously, gaming laptops had suffered from hazing and motion stall when the graphical information got a bit too hectic (for example a full on multiplayer fire fight in Call Of Duty) – but with the ability to throw four whole gig at the experience, that’s a problem of the past.

Twin hard drives make things slicker too. Again, you’d have to find some pretty slick contracts to get free laptop deals on machines of this calibre (the latest US price for the top of the range gaming laptop is around $2,000) but the technology is certainly worth talking about. Two linked hard drives allow the computer to run all normal operations and still have an astonishing amount of space left over for dealing with graphics, motion, multitasking and interactivity.

Full HD screens are now pretty much a standard across the range of gaming laptops – and some are starting to deliver 3D capabilities too. Unlike cinema screens, which have a brightness the audience can’t control, 3D gaming looks just like ordinary gaming only better – because the user can ramp up the brightness to adjust for the fact that his or her eyes are now covered by a pair of darkening 3D glasses.

Gaming laptops represent a massive segment of the overall market, and an ever growing specialty segment in their own right. It’s not only games, either – the graphical capabilities of the gaming laptop make it ideal for showing movies and streaming media content.

Higher spec gaming laptops will be able to send whatever you are doing wirelessly to a HDTV too, so you can enjoy massive gaming on screens as big as you like (if the 15 and 17 inch standards of the gaming laptop world aren’t big enough for you already).

As I said, it’s unlikely you’ll see any of these higher level monsters as free laptop deals anytime soon – but if you talk with your mobile broadband provider you’ll certainly find something that allows you to play online!

Author bio:Kristina Louis is a freelance content writer by profession. Gadgets especially cell phones and laptops are her topic of interest and she find immense pleasure in writing cell phone reviews and article related to technology.


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