We all love winter, and unless we’re stuck trying to get home, we all love snow. Nothing beats a good snowball fight in the park or street, except maybe this mobile gadget which will have people running and hiding from your snow assault. Red5 have launched the Artic Force Snowball Launcher, a snowball firing machine capable of firing balls of snow over a massive 80ft with fantastic accuracy.

Not only that but you also get a helping hand at making snowballs, and not just any snowballs, but the most perfectly round snowballs you’ve ever held in your hand! Place the snow in the top mounted snowball press and close the lid. When opened youhave perfectly compressed snowballs ready to launch into the catapault.

The Artic Force Snowball Launcher costs £26.95 and is ready to be ordered now. The only risk is what to do if the snow falls before Christmas?