Google have updated Google Maps on Android to Version 6 which brings with it Indoor Mapping, a new places homescreen and a new way to switch between features in the toolbar.

Indoor Mapping

Google has put together detailed floorplans for popular locations such as airports, shopping malls, retail stores or other public spaces.

Detailed floor plans automatically appear when you’re viewing the map and zoomed-in on a building where indoor map data is available. The familiar “blue dot” icon indicates your location within several meters, and when you move up or down a level in a building with multiple floors, the map will automatically update to display which floor you’re on.

See the video demo at the bottom of this post.

Feature Switching

A new dropdown menu has been added to the toolbar to make it easier and faster to switch between tasks such Map, places, navigation, Latitude etc.

New Places Homescreen

The new Places home screen includes popular searches for your current location, so you can find the best spots in any area you travel.

You can upgrade your copy of the Google Maps today from the Android Market however the initial coverage of indoor locations is only in the US and Japan but we’ll be keeping tabs on when UK locations start to get added. You can help get your building listed by submitting your flooplans to Google.

Google Maps 6.0 requires Android OS 2.1+ devices.