Starbucks Bringing Mobile Payments To UK January 5th 2012

Starbucks is introducing mobile payments to over 700 Starbucks stores in the UK from January 5th 2012. Similar to the US setup the Starbucks App will be updated to allow you to link your Starbucks Card to the iOS App.

The Mobile App will allow you to find the nearest Starbucks Store, as it currently does, but will also be introducing the ability to check your balance, top up, and produce a barcode for the amount required so a scanner can scan your screen and deduct the amount from your balance.

The Mobile App is targeted to reduce the waiting time for a customer to get a coffee, making them less likely to abandon the purchase.

Initially the App  will only be available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch etc.) but there will be an Android App following later in the year.


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