As part of World Toilet Day tomorrow, November 19th, a study commissioned by the charity partnership Toilet Twinning has found that one in five children (20%) use some form of technology while on the loo compared with just 11% who use the time for reading.

The survey asked children aged between 7 and 16 years what they do on the loo, other than the obvious. Their responses showed that while reading is still a common pastime, use of technology, including phones, claims the top spot.

These findings contrast with results from a similar poll of adults last year, which found reading to be the most popular bathroom habit.

Toilet Twinning was setup by Cord and Tearfund to help transform lives in poor communities across the world. For £60, you can twin your toilet at home, work or school with a latrine in the remote Giharo Commune of Rutana Province, Burundi or a village in Cambodia for which you’ll receive a framed certificate of your toilet’s twin, containing a photo, the latrine’s location and its GPS coordinates so you can look it up on Google Maps.

You can check out the infographic of the survey results in more detail below: