Distimo the specialists in mobile App marketplace statistics, has published a report on the state of the Windows Phone Marketplace one year since launch in November 2010. We reported on the initial growth of Apps in the Marketplace as it passed 10’000 and then 20’000, but the growth rate has continued on.

Some of the key information from the report states:

  • The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has the highest download volume in the United
    States with 101k free downloads and 20k paid downloads per day
  • Paid applications in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace have grown continuous with
    almost 1300 new paid applications every month.
  • The number of publishers has consistently grown since the launch of the Windows
    Phone 7 Marketplace with 700 new publishers per month.

There is almost a 50/50 split between paid and free Apps, something that is not immediately obvious when browsing the store, where it seems as if the majority of the Apps are paid. Unlike the Apple App store there are “Try” versions of many software titles which helps convert customers over to the paid for versions of the Apps.

windows phone marketplace app distribution free versus paid

The most popular App categories are Games, followed by Tools & Productivity, Other and Entertainment. “However, the popularity of games appears to be less consistent when looking at the country level. For example, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace top 100 free applications
in the United States and Australia contain 50% games, while Brazil, South Korea, Norway
and The Netherlands have a much lower proportion of games in the top 100, ranging
between 15% and 20%.”

windows phone marketplace app categories by type