BBC iPlayer Now Streams Over 3G Connections

The BBC have announced today that they have updated their iPlayer iOS App to run over 3G networks. Previously limited to WiFi only connections the service will now run over the cellular data network, and while many other devices already allow 3G streaming for iPlayer there is a concern that bringing many millions of iPhone users on board may cause network congestion.

Additionally, users who have used the service a lot over WiFi will need to be monitor their data usage over 3G as streaming video is one of the highest bandwidth consumptions.

BBC spokeswoman, Francesca Sostero, said:

BBC iPlayer is a free service, but mobile network operators may charge for data used over their networks.

The BBC has a speed test for iPlayer which should help confirm if you have sufficient bandwidth to stream content over the network. The Android version of the app remains restricted to WiFi connections for the time being, but the BBC said a web version of the software would support 3G streams soon.

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