Britain’s Lose £1.5 Billion In Gadgets Each Year

O2 have a story, based on data from O2 Recycle showing that over 6.2 million Brits lose at least one tech gadget, including mobile phones, MP3 players, sat navs and laptops every year. “With 17.5million gadgets mislaid around the home or in public places, the UK is sitting on a potential cash bounty of £1.5billion if every item lost was reclaimed and recycled instead.

The stats for where devices are lost is quite interesting, 29% having no idea where they lost their gadget, and 59% losing their gadget in a public place and 33% saying it is somewhere in their home. 49% never find their lost gadgets and only 6% ever claim for them on insurance so the majority are simply lost to silicon heaven.

With the introduction of “Find My Phone” technology built directly into iPhones, iPads and Windows Phone devices, and the ability to add a similar feature to Android, and as there are more and more stories appearing of owners tracking down their lost devices, often after having them stolen, hopefully this number will reduce dramatically over time.

If O2 and other networks were to introduce the Phone Leasing system I wrote about last month, then this could do away with reliance on consumer responsibility for recycling and as the networks brought back in devices after their lease period they could arrange for a new period with another customer or manage the recycling of the device themselves saving money and helping the environment.

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