A study published by media agency Carat yesterday showed that viewers are influenced by Social Media activities like Facebook and Twitter as much as the judges on the shows themselves.

From a group of 13’000 respondents, data showed that 51% of X Factor viewers use Facebook at the same time as watching the show while 14% use Twitter. In deciding who to vote for on X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, Twitter and the judges themselves are equally as influential with 17% of viewers saying that this is what influences them who to vote for ‘a lot’. 7% of viewers have tweeted about an ad during the X Factor, whilst 26% have commented on Facebook about it.

In October in the US X-Factor announced an official partnership with Twitter after recognising the increased engagement viewers had with social media while watching the site.


Twitter is seen as the most trustworthy, with 66% of viewers believing what they read on the site about X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing when deciding how to vote.

Tracy De Groose, Managing Director, Carat said:

This survey gives us a great insight into the direct influence of social media on consumers’ voting behaviour for the first time and underlines the enormous power of second-screen engagement. As with many things in life, we are massively influenced by friends and opinion formers. The only difference is technology is making this easier and easier.