With 2011 now drawing to a close Google has published its annual Zeitgeist (meaning “the spirit of our time”), listing the top searches of the year.

The fastest rising global search was for information on Marmite star Rebecca Black, whose single ‘Friday’ catapulted her to fame and derision in March this year.

Singer Adele was also a high flyer, topping the “fastest rising lists in over 15 countries”. Ryan Dunn, Casey Anthony and Steve Jobs made up the rest of the global super group dominating the top ten list.

Other popular searches included cupcake making, the Dukan diet and royal and celebrity weddings. With a number of political and natural unrests occurring all over the world “people turned to Google to learn more about what was happening on the world stage”, including the Egyptian uprisings and the Japanese earthquake.

The term ‘earthquake’ shot to the top of the fastest rising list in Japan, while “TEPCO, owners of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant), became the first non-Latin term to ever make [the] global fastest-rising list.”

Compassion was also a feature, with the top charitable giving searches about helping provide aid to Japan. Strangely the most popular search for pets in Russia was for the fanciful pygmy giraffes.

Google’s Zeitgeist takes us on an extraordinary journey through the year online, allowing us to view the events, trends and celebrities that have taken the world by storm (literally in the case of US Hurricane Irene). A much smaller version of this is also available daily at Google Trends.

Sourced: The Official Google Blog