YouTube yesterday introduced its brand new home page, designed to make the site more easily accessible and navigable. The homepage is set up in a similar way to Facebook, with three vertical sections centred on the middle newsfeed. The left side lists video genres and channel subscriptions that can be customised to your own YouTube account. Here you can subscribe to channels and also link up to social networking sites Google+ and Facebook to see what your friends are sharing. Navigating this listing changes the content of the middle section which displays up to date videos and channels. The right side offers recommended and featured videos that are based on the viewing history of your account. As well as the initial homepage, YouTube has also updated the channel design with clearer video thumbnails and templates to meet uploading user’s needs. The overall design and “fresh coat of digital paint” lends a much sleeker and sophisticated look to the site and its newly organised format should enable users to watch and share videos much more efficiently.

youtube redesign homepage

Sourced: The Official YouTube Blog