We’ve reviewed other Snugg products on the site previously, and they’re always well made, good quality products. This iPad2 case is no exception, and does a good job of providing protection for your expensive iPad2 while also giving you 2 angles at which to place your iPad for working or viewing.

snugg ipad2 leather case packaging

The case is made of good quality leather and holds the slimmer, easier to drop, iPad2 firmly in place, with a flip open cover to provide easy access. On the back there is an elasticated hand strap which is useful for holding the iPad2 in the case more securely. The inside of the flip case is made of a soft fabric designed to help keep the screen free from dust and those pesky fingerprints.

snugg ipad2 leather case open

The case is designed to give access to all the side buttons and dock/charging connector so there is hardly ever a need to remove the iPad. The flip-open cover will act as a folding support, allowing you to prop the iPad up at 2 different angles, one great for typing and working, the other more suited to sitting back and watching a video or movie. Both are sturdy and provide great versatility when out and about.

snugg ipad2 leather case 

snugg ipad2 leather case vertical

The Snugg case won’t break the bank either, at an extremely competitive price of £29.99 available either from the Amazon UK site or directly from the Snugg website.

Written By: Rob Gordon

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