Think Before You Share – Guide To Christmas Party Photos

With office Christmas parties now in full swing, Fujifilm have produced a nice 10 step guide for when to share and when not to share those office party snaps from your great night out as part of their promotion for their new FinePix Z90 digital camera.

1.       Facebook – To Tag or Not To Tag?

Wendy from accounts might look fabulous in her Basque style dress, but she may not be too pleased about the photos of her voluptuous figure circulating the following morning. Think before you click on that Facebook tag, and save your colleagues from unnecessary embarrassment by the coffee machine.

2.       Seeing clearly

If you’re sick of blurry images which simply don’t do the night justice, it is likely there’s a simple solution. Blurry shots are usually caused by a lack of light, so even if it seems quite bright inside, try to find a spot with better lighting, and if you’re outdoors, find more light for a flawless result.

3.       Unwilling YouTube Superstars

Dad looks hilarious dancing around the kitchen with his Santa hat on, there’s no denying that. But upload that video to YouTube and there’s always the danger it goes viral and finds itself into his boss’s inbox by Boxing Day.

Image from Telegraph.co.uk

4.       Flattery will get you everywhere

Your friends won’t thank you for posting unflattering pictures of your girls’ night out. Stick with the FinePix Z90’s Portrait Enhancer setting, which adds a soft airbrush effect to the skin, and before you know it you’ll always be the designated photographer.

5.       Facebook Fame

The office party often brings out a whole other side to our colleagues which we never knew existed. Bob from IT rocking out on the Karaoke machine like Swindon’s answer to Bono? Who knew? Some videos are meant to be shared.

6.       Nightclub Shots

Many a memorable clubbing moment has failed to be captured due to the ever-changing lighting.  Simply switch to Natural & With Flash Mode and your FinePix Z90 will take two shots: one with the flash and one without.

7.       The Twittersphere

The sneaky picture of your two best mates snogging on a night out might be hot gossip to you, but do your 500 Twitter followers really need to see it? Take 140 characters of thinking time before you share an incriminating Twitpic.

8.       Photo Psychology

Make your photos stand out from the crowd this year, by experimenting with positioning. The human eye ‘reads’ a picture from left to right, so by moving your subject to the right you’ll find you can draw in your audience much more.

9.       Playing Picture Editor

As designated photographer the social fate of everyone is in your hands. Keep your friendships going into the New Year by removing red eye, changing the contrast and disposing of some shots altogether.

10.   Easy Upload

There are so many parties and events at this time of year sometimes it can be hard to keep up with how quickly your friends expect you to post your photos online. With the FinePix Z90’s Easy Web Upload feature you can quickly and easily sync the camera with minimum fuss, leaving you more time to plan the next party outfit!


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