A recent study from Basekit.com shows that Brits twice as long shopping online, and average of over 2.4 hours, as they do on the high street where they only average 1.2 hours a week.

This time is mostly spent researching and buying lower value items, for more expensive things the high street still has the edge with an average spend value of £126/month versus only £116/month online.

Chris Winstanley, VP, Marketing at Basekit.com said:

When it comes to the UK retail environment, the majority of stories are all doom and gloom about local and national stores struggling to keep afloat during these difficult financial times. However, our research shows that Brits are still keen shoppers with people spending many hours a week shopping.

This coupled with the news from last year that UK Online sales hit a three-year high shows a continuing trend of shifting consumer spend to online purchases, taking advantage of the convenience and more aggressive pricing of internet ecommerce from places like Amazon and countless others.

Unusually though, the report from Basekit suggests that men are the biggest spenders, with an average spend of £273.15 (£127.93 online and £145.22 in store) compared to just £212.78 (£105.42 online and £107.36 in store) for women.