Netflix Hugely Popular In Appstore

The Netflix launch in the UK last week has generated quite a buzz and many people have taken advantage of the 1 month free trial to give the service a whirl. Although the launch content is somewhat disappointing compared to the huge library available in the US, Netflix has promised that more content is being added all the time and that as they update their content deals existing US content will be made available in the U.K. market.

Certainly the UK App has been updated twice so far since release, showing that Netflix are keen to stay on top of any user issues and maintain their growth.

Although I can’t find this evidence anywhere, PCAdvisor is claiming that Apple’s Official UK App Store Weekly Chart for the week ending 15 January shows Netflix in third place in the free iPad apps. The official list I found doesn’t show Netflix featuring in the UK charts, but it is number 2 in the Irish Top Free Apps chart.

Netflix says the service is available on over 700 different devices, something that main competitors Lovefilm and Sky Go cannot match at the moment, and there is no doubt there is going to be a big battle for UK streaming film and television dominance as content and monthly price become the key factors.

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