The hugely popular online video streaming service Netflix is now accepting signups within the UK and Ireland. Starting with a free month users can signup for £5.99 / month giving access to unlimited films & TV episodes instantly over the internet. This is £1/month more than the alternative service from LoveFilm however Netflix purports to have a wider selection of content and LoveFilm may not be able to sustain this launch price offer.

netflix service now available within the uk and ireland

Currently UK and Ireland users can access Netflix by downloading a dedicated PC client, watching on Wii, XBox, and PS3 consoles, or on the dedicated App for the Apple and Android devices. Plans are in place to bring the service to internet connected Blu-ray players and HTS and some TVs also have the service built in with many more planned.

Netflix claim they only need a minimum broadband connection of 500 kbps (0.5 MB) which should make streaming possible over 3G connections, however the faster your service the better experience you will have.