As per its previous announcement Starbucks has released its new iPhone App allowing you to link your Starbucks card to the App. Once linked you can manage your account details, see the card balance, top up the balance, produce a barcode for the amount required so a scanner can scan your screen and deduct the amount from your balance. There isn’t the ability to ‘design’ your drink on the App yet, but that

The Mobile App is targeted to reduce the waiting time for a customer to get a coffee, making them less likely to abandon the purchase.

Ian Cranna, Vice-President of Marketing for Starbucks UK said:

Customers are looking for extra value. This scheme allows us to be more personal, rewarding the most frequent customers with extra benefits. We also know that fewer customers want to use cash, so putting My Starbucks Reward on mobiles offers a faster, easier way to pay.

Initially the App is only available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch etc.) but there will be an Android App following later in the year.

At the same time Starbucks has launched its Rewards Scheme where after purchasing 15 drinks you get a free one in return, after 50 purchases you move to Gold level giving you free additional shots and syrups in your drink. Starbucks card customers already have these benefits and are automatically given Gold status.