A new study out by InMobi, an independent mobile ad network, shows that people are now consuming media in greater amounts on mobile devices such as mobiles and tablets, than they are on traditional media such as television and newspapers.

The survey conducted in Q4 2011 questioned over 20,000 mobile consumers in 18 markets across all continents, found that mobile web users spending 27% of their media time on mobile devices and only 22% of their media time on TV.

Additionally, people on mobile devices are more receptive to advertisements than those watching television or reading newspapers with 42% of respondents claiming that mobile advertising has introduced them to something new.

Naveen Tewari, CEO, InMobi, said:

Mobile devices are redefining the media landscape across the world. As we move into 2012, we will continue to see these trends rapidly accelerate as consumers rely ever more heavily on their mobile device. While the opportunities to exploit mobile media remain strong, the stakeholders across the industry will be confronted with ongoing questions and challenges which need to be addressed in order to meet the growing expectations of the customer.