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Phones4U Launch ‘Jump’ Tariff Allowing 6 Month Upgrades

Jump – standing for Just Upgrade My Phone is a new tariff from Phones4U that allows users to upgrade their handset every 6 months instead of the usual 18 or 24 month contracts.

Jump splits a regular contract into 2 separate ones. One contract is for the handset, and a second one is for the “Network Airtime Agreement” (The plan). Both contracts are for 24 months, but you can upgrade the JUMP contract (the handset) after 6 months.

If you want to upgrade, after 6 months you ring Phones4U who will work out the amount owed on the contract (months remaining) and the cost of the new handset divided by the remaining months. You can reduce the total amount down by trading your current handset back to Phones4U, and in fact you can trade in multiple handsets (min value of £100) to reduce it further – if you happen to have 3 sitting around of course. The service is available in selected Phones4U stores.

Now in principle this gives greater flexibility, but several handset upgrades on each 6 month mark are going to lead to a steady increase in your JUMP contract monthly bill. We’ll have to wait and see handset prices to know for sure, but you can bet the ultimate result of this for Phones4U is people locked in for a longer period handing over increasing monthly payments.

Check out more details in the video below:


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