We were sent this iPhone and iPod Touch desk holder from Puro.it and immediately I really liked it’s simplicity yet stylish design.

The stand allows you to dock your iPhone or iPod Touch on your desktop in a nice gloss black or white coloured stand.

puro iphone desk holder case

The iPhone holder has a Apple dock connector which you seat the iPhone on, and then a female connector on the back allowing you to connect into the USB conection of your PC. This functions exactly as if the phone were directly connected, with charging and iTunes connectivity all working perfectly.

puro iphone desk holder stand

The iPhone sites snugly onto the dock connector, to allow for the difference in sizes between the iPhone4 and iPhone3G/S there is a small rubber spacer you can add for the iPhone4 as it is slightly narrower than the 3G/S. This nestles firmly in place in a recessed slot, although I didn’t even fit it for a day or so as I missed it in the box and the iPhone4 was perfectly stable even without it.

puro iphone desk holder stand and iphone

The stand is the perfect desk accessory for the iPhone, allowing me to have it on silent and still see if any calls or notifications came in, and allowing it to charge at the same time. My only criticism would be that the iPhone is held at quite a steep vertical angle, so to see the screen properly you need to have it positioned a way back on your desk. The angle of the stand isn’t adjustable, but once you have it in the right position it works really well.

Puro are an Italian based company, but they ship to the UK along with Europe and many other countries. Prices are in Euro’s and depending on the options you select you have have the basic desk holder for €9.99, desk holder with Sync&Charge USB lead for €14.99 and desk holder with Sync&Charge USB lead and travel charge adapter for €19.99.

Written By: Rob Gordon

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