Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 And Ace 2 Coming Soon To Three

Three have announced that the Samsung Galaxy Mini2 and Galaxy Ace 2 will be coming soon to their network with both handsets appearing to be slated for an April release.

The Ace 2 brings a whole host of improvements to a very popular smartphone. Boasting a bigger 3.8” screen, faster 800 MHz dual-core processor and an impressive 4GB of storage for music, photos, apps and other files, it builds on the great features of its predecessor. Also featuring a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash.

The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 is a compact device but makes everything come to life with its 3.3 inch screen with vivid colours. It has a fast processor so browsing the internet or scrolling between menus is a doddle. Also, with large storage there’s no fear of running out of memory downloading applications or taking loads of photos.

Take a look at Three’s Sneak Peek video below:

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