samsung galaxy note and sii slated to receive ics march 1stElder Murtazin has been at it again, this time stating that the Samsung Galaxy SII and the Note will both be getting the Android 4.0 ICS upgrade on March 1st – about two and a half weeks away.

Samsung stated on the Facebook page back in mid December that the Note and SII would be receiving the update in the first quarter of 2012, and now it this information is correct, it could be available March 1st.

Interestingly, both these devices have fixed soft key locations, rather than native ICS devices which have soft buttons in the display area and move depending on device orientation. Obviously don’t expect global action on March 1st, there will be a subsequent rollout of the update depending upon individual carriers and updates.

HTC have followed Samsung down the ICS upgrade path, confirming earlier that they would be providing ICS upgrades to several key handsets including the HTC Sensation, Sensation 4G, Sensation XE and Sensation XL.