In much the same way that water runs quite literally off of a duck’s back, or how leaves are able to collect small pools of water due to their waxy coating, Nokia scientists are now studying these natural phenomenon, in an attempt to synthesise a material that functions in the same way, through a little nano-jiggery-pokery.

The product of their research, they hope, will be a Superhydrophobic Smartphone Coating that will not only repel water, but completely waterproof all of the components of the smartphone.

According to Chris Bower, Principal Scientist at the Nokia Research Center in Cambridge, the goal of the research is to learn through empiricism:

“Like many scientists we are trying to copy what nature has been doing perfectly for thousands of years.”

We may well see tech giants such as Google, Apple and Samsung displaying an interest in this research. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this exciting technology.

Source: cool-gadgets