Shortly after the Three iPad3 contract prices were announced last night, Orange came out with their prices. Unfortunately if you stack them side by side with Three there isn’t much comparison.

Orange have the 16Gb 3G iPad3 available on contract starting with an upfront charge of £199 for existing customers (£229 for new), and then £25/month for 24 months. This gives a TCO price of £799 for existing customers (just over Three’s £795) but new customers are looking at an off-putting £829. And don’t forget that Orange only give 2Gb of data per month (1Gb anytime and 1Gb quiet time – midnight to 4pm) compared to the whopping 15Gb of data from Three, available 24/7.

orange announce ipad3 contract pricing

Orange do also offer a combination plan, with an iPad3 and choice of iPhone handsets for £66/month for 24 months. Some iPhones are free through to the iPhone4S 16GB and after that there is an upfront charge too. This is something the other networks aren’t doing yet, so if you’re looking for a new phone and iPad at the same time it could be worth checking out. A 16GB 4S is free on the plan, so you get an iPad3 16GB 3G and iPhone 4S 16Gb for an eye-watering TCO of £1584.

orange announce ipad3 and iPhone bundle contract pricing

Source: Orange iPad3 Prices

Written By: Rob Gordon

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