At this year’s CeBIT, Sharkoon have demonstrated a keen interest in the gaming community by unveiling their new range of slick gaming specific peripherals, boasting impressive specs for an affordable price, Sharkoon might well find themselves developing a substanial fan base over the coming months, with newer FPS and RTS titles offering ever more demanding multiplayer experiences, a scientifically precise mouse and customizable keyboard combination is quickly becoming an important leg up in the online gaming world, but a costly one. This new Sharkoon range on the other hand, will offer up a valuable performance upgrade for gamers at a relatively low cost.

Sharkoon’s new range comprises of three new mice and three new keyboards, set for release in April 2012 and May 2012 respectively.

The Sharkoon Darkglider mouse is first up, packing an Avago ADNS-9500 laser sensor which operates at up to 6,000 DPI resolution and up to 11,750 FPS. The Darkglider is a slick, alien looking piece of kit that will complement the minimalist gamer’s setup nicely. Estimated price: £35-£45

Second in Sharkoon’s new triptic release is the Sharkoon Drakonia Mouse, which also makes use of the Avago ADNS-9500 sensor but sports a more ecclectic design with a shimmering, green scale print. For those who like a bold design. Estimated price: £25-£30

For those looking for a smaller, nimbler mouse with less chunk, see the Sharkoon Squad Mouse. This streamlined, nifty mouse measures approximately 116.5 x 79 x 40 mm (L x W x H), has a generous six assignable keys, and an adjustable sample rate of 1,600 DPI. Estimated price: £12.50-£15.00

Sharkoon have also paid very close attention to their new keyboards, offering impressively high levels of customization.

The Sharkoon Skiller features 107 standard and 20 media, internet and function keys with an 18 Key Rollover and as an extra, blue interchangeable keys will replace the WASD and cursor keys. All of the standard keys are individually programmable through the supplied companion software. For use in a variety of games, programs, operating systems or browsers, a total of ten seperate profiles can be created each with three subordinate levels of customization. Estimated price: £15-£20

The Sharkoon Tactix features the same 107 programmable standard keys, an 18 Key Rollover and interchangeable WASD and arrow keys as the Sharkoon Skiller, it does not include multimedia keys and comes in a smaller form, measuring 431 x 136 x 24 mm. Estimated price: £10-£15

The Sharkoon Nightwriter is the company’s first LED keyboard: The translucently marked 105 standard and 13 multimedia keys can be illuminated blue by the click of a switch. The simplistic and tailored design and ergonomic hand rest makes the Nightwriter useable for hours in comfort. Estimated price: £20-£25