Three Announce New iPad Pricing

Three have announced their new iPad (iPad3) pricing, and compared to the initial iPad2’s on contract its not bad. Prices start at £99 upfront fee for a 16GB 3G iPad3 on a 24 month contract for £29/month. This gives a TCO price of £795, but that £29/month does bag you 15GB of data per month, so if you intend to use a lot of mobile data its the best (and really only with the other networks capping out at 1GB) option.

If you want SIM free, you can pick up an iPad3 on rolling 1 Month contracts starting at £479 with one month (non-committed) plans of £15 per month for 10GB data or £7.50 per month for 1GB data.

Contrast this to iPad2 pricing which gives a 16GB 3G iPad 2 at £25/month but a whopping £229 upfront cost, and the iPad3 is the immediate winner!

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