We all remember those days when cell phones didn’t exist. If you weren’t home to answer the phone ringing, you missed the call. You had one phone number as a contact. It’s hard to imagine we ever went without mobile phones, for the advancements in technology have been astounding. It is now easier than ever to contact anyone on-the-go, and texting makes voice-mail nearly obsolete.

The ability to text has changed phone etiquette drastically. A person’s contact list contains phone numbers of people they can text day or night. Texting is less intrusive and it leaves the recipient with the opportunity to return the message at their convenience. Some employers prefer to text their employees. Texting is now here to stay as one of the biggest advancements in mobile technology.

Companies are jumping on the text-messaging bandwagon, too. Walgreens has services that will gladly text your phone number when your prescription is ready. Your local bank has a database of phone numbers that have signed up for their automated text-message balance service. Some banks also send a message when you have a dangerously low balance in your account. In some ways, text messaging has made it more convenient for the average person on-the-go.

Cellular phones become more complicated every year and a plethora of features not everyone knows how to use. Your cell phone carrier should have a customer service number that you can call with questions and concerns. They can reset your phone, try to recover contacts, and give trouble-shooting tips right through the phone. Cell phones are like mini-computers, so when problems arise customer service number may not always be the solution.

There is no doubt that the cell phone is the biggest advancement in mobile technology. We all carry mini-computers in our pockets, bags, and back pockets. We can text our friends without calling and update our statuses on social networking sites without even thinking. You can use your GPS system in your car so you have no doubt about where to go, and take photos along the journey. Your phone number hasn’t changed, but technology has made leaps and bounds.

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