Why iPhone Users Are Smarter than Blackberry Users

When it comes to smartphones, users typically fall into two camps: Apple iPhone users and non-iPhone users. Among the non-iPhone users, a huge segment of them are passionate about a flavor other than Apple; they crave the Blackberry. When comparing Apples to Blackberries, it soon becomes apparent that iPhone users are smarter than Blackberry users. Here are some thoughts to chew on:

iPhone users know what they want. In fact, they are decisive to a fault and they’ll stand in line for hours, some even camping out overnight, to get what they want. So what is it that they want so badly? The next generation iPhone. They’ll buy it sight unseen thanks to the legacy and sheer genius of the late Steve Jobs.

iphone v android v blackberry users

In contrast, Blackberry users are more patient, some waiting until their phones no longer work before upgrading to whichever version happens to be on the shelf at the time. Their expectations are lower simply because they don’t know any better. After all, they’ve been using 10-year-old technology and are still excited that they can send and receive email on a cell phone. Some Blackberry users don’t even realize that their phones are actually “smart” phones capable of much more.

Apple users, in general, have a reputation for being, shall we say, a little on the geeky side. The same is true of iPhone users, and everyone knows that geeks are smarter than non-geeks. The iPhone is the ultimate geek gadget with every app you could possibly imagine. iPhone users know that iTunes is packed with over 500,000 apps for the iPhone and that iTunes is always just a tap away. Here they can download all of the scientific calculators, periodic table of the elements apps, and dictionaries their brains can handle. They can even download apps that let them control their televisions, stereos, and air conditioning and heating systems with their iPhones. Now that’s smart.

Blackberry users are often business types. Oh sure, they’re smart and all, but not to the same extent as iPhone users. While iPhone users have over 500,000 apps available in iTunes plus all the songs and videos iTunes is known for, Blackberry users can choose from just over 60,000 apps. While iPhone users are using their iPhones to turn up the TV, Blackberry users need to be reminded that they even have an app store.

Brainy as iPhone users may be, one reason why they’re smarter than Blackberry users is that they recognize the shortcomings of the human body. They know that they’re all thumbs and find the thought of trying to type on a two-inch keyboard amusing if not downright impossible. Instead of typing, they rely on artificial intelligence and let “Siri” do the texting. Siri is smart. Siri understands voice commands and follows them. Siri will text a message to a friend or look up an address and relay the directions. Siri will remind users about important upcoming tasks. All Siri needs is for the iPhone user to ask.  iPhone users are so smart, their phones come with a built-in personal assistant who is friendly, conversational, and obedient.

Meanwhile, Blackberry users are stuck typing email messages with their thumbs on a pint-sized keyboard better suited to Barbie dolls. They’re blissfully unaware that they’re missing out on the delicious fruits of the Apple tree.

Post contributed by Zoe Howard, on behalf of the PhoneShop.co.uk


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