Apple To Introduce Do It Yourself Gaming?

apple logoGot a game idea but don’t have the coding skills to implement it? It is reported that Apple may be trying to make it easier for people to create their own apps without the need for programming skills.

According to Apple Insider, Apple could be creating a digital content authoring tool to take the pain out creating games for the iPhone and iPad. A patent application with the title “Content Configuration for Device Platforms” indicates that the user would be able to create applications without the pesky hassle of accessing or editing huge amounts of code. The patent application states that it believes that programming languages are a “hinderance to content creation” and the tool described within the application may remove this barrier for amateurs and assist professionals.

This means that people without a programming background but with a great idea can put the wheels in motion to create the app of their dreams. The software is expected to use a graphical user interface to allow the user to bring their apps to life but a little bit of tinkering may still be necessary to get the full benefit.

The patent application indicates that the tool would be designed to allow the apps to be created for both iPhone and iPad as sometimes separate code has to be used for both. The tool also may allow users to create their own advertisements without the need for programming skills.

So what does this mean for developers? It seems unlikely that the app will put developers out of a job completely but it may make development a little easier in some situations. The main problem with this approach is that, while affording non-programmers the chance to realise their gaming dreams, will it dissuade people from learning the basics of programming and in fact make us lazy when it comes to software development? It could be argued that programming and the surrounding process gives a structure to the preparation and design of the application and without this organisation and planning the app may not be as professional as expected.

When it comes to software development, planning and design is a big part of that process; will this tool lead to the amateur diving straight into creation, bypassing the planning and leaving them with software not as well thought out as it ought to be? Will people use the tool to create apps that are offensive, damaging or copyright infringing? Will this lead to inefficient, bloated software without the user knowing how to effectively handle things such as memory and processing?

Then again, By not having this tool, is it right to suppress creativity just because the user doesn’t have programming skills? Will a non-programmer create a multi award winning money spinning game? It’s difficult to tell but there are many implications to what this software could potentially bring to the world.

The idea sounds fascinating but the worry would be that it may lead to a lot of software in existence that few people have any idea how to fix in the future. This problem has occurred in the past and while it could be a lucrative business for those programmers who keep up their programming skills, there is the hope that it won’t lead to lazy software development.


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