HTC Sues HTC-Hub for releasing unboxing videos in France

An unboxing video of the new HTC One S has resulted in charges being filed against HTC-Hub, the largest HTC-devoted blog on the web. Although the exact nature of the charges has not been released, it seems like the bloggers may have violated the embargo agreement which specifies when information can be released about a new product.

It is standard practice for companies to send demo units to reviewers before that time so that they can prepare their reviews and go live the day of the product announcement.

Hopscotch, the PR agency for HTC in France, supposedly informed Bruno of HTC-Hub that demo units would not be available in France until some time next week. Somehow they were able to obtain a sample unit from sources other than HTC or their PR agency.

As a result, the unit obtained came with no strings attached, and no legal agreement about when they could share images, spec reviews or videos.

A couple of other European-based review sites have been using the HTC One S and One X for a few days no, even though they have not provided a complete review yet. This is likely attributed to a legally-binding agreement between them and the PR agency.

Things like this happen frequently, as miscommunication between companies, their PR agencies and the media can sometimes be clouded, and usually a simple request to remove the review or video is sufficient enough. Legal action like this seems unwarranted, but again, not all of the details are available at this time.

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