The popularity of the mobile phone is something which has proven to be virtually recession-proof, with mobile enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the latest upgrades as soon as they hit the market, even in the midst of difficult economic times. Nonetheless there is no denying that overall people have less money to spend on luxuries like mobile phone upgrades now than they might have done a few years ago, making sites such as Phones4U, which can provide the latest model mobile phones with deals that people can afford, more useful than ever.

Phones4U has been in existence for over ten years and has grown during that time to the point that, from its beginnings as a small business, it now has in excess of 450 shops based all over the UK – further indicating just how keen people are to get the newest mobiles from the major manufacturers like Vodaphone, 3 and Orange, at a price that they can actually afford. The company also offers various deals for the actual use of the mobile phone, once you have purchased it, ensuring that the user can get as much use out of their mobile as possible for the least amount of money.

One mobile phone that Phones4u is currently offering a number of different deals on contract phones is the Galaxy S2 mobile phone from Samsung. This model from Samsung’s Galaxy range is one of the company’s biggest selling and most popular phones and Phones4U offers different contract deals on this phone from Orange, O2 and Vodaphone, most of which offer the cost of the phone for free, with monthly tariffs varying from £20.50 to £41.00 depending on the tariff provider.

The best option to go for depends on what is most important to you, with the T-Mobile The Full Monty Unlimited tariff being more expensive – at £41.00 monthly – than something like the O2 500MB Data 100-24 months tariff, but the T-Mobile tariff offers unlimited free texts and minutes, compared to the 500 texts and 100 minutes limits with the O2 tariff.