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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note Case From Puro

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a powerhouse of a handset, its expensive and due to its larger size, can be tricky to operate one handed.

Because of this its essential you carry it in a case, and we were sent a ‘notebook’ style case from Puro, an Italian based company, to test out.

The Puro Galaxy Note case is thinner than I expected, which for an already large phone is a benefit I suppose. The front and back are slightly padded and the inside has a soft ‘velvet’ effect lining.

There are apertures cut out of the case for the camera, speaker and stylus silo on the back, and the earpiece on the front. The case is extremely light and adds no noticeable weight to the Note in the hand.

The thinness of the case doesn’t allow for mouldings or grips to hold onto the Note, so instead Puro supply a 3M sticky adhesive section. You peel off the protective cover, align the Galaxy Note to the back of the case and press it down.

I was unsure of how effective this would be at first, but eventually came to trust the bond and feel confident in the case. The drawback to this is the case offers no side protection for the Note, leaving its corners exposed if dropped.

To remove the Note from the case, simply lift it off starting at the top or bottom and the adhesive will slowly slide off. My only concern is how many times you could remove the Note and securely put it back again before the adhesive starts to wane. Additionally you need to hang onto the protective plastic as if the Note isn’t attached to the case, it would be all to easy for the adhesive area to collect fluff or dirt and shorten its life even faster.

The case has a magnetic closure tab which snaps closed securely holding the case in it’s ‘notebook’ style. Its easy to open and allows quick access to the note and all its buttons. As anyone with a note will know, you have to be careful about which pocket you choose to carry it in – an inside jacket pocket is ideal, and the Puro case lends itself perfectly to this scenario, keeping the depth of the device to a minimum, adding hardly any weight, and also giving the feel of an old school diary as you pull it out and open it.

In Summary

Overall the Puro Notebook is a decent case and for people who generally take good care of the devices already its fine. If however you take your phone everywhere and have experienced the occasional drop to the floor before, I’d advise you get something a bit thicker that also provides corner protection to take care of your sizeable investment.


  • Price
  • Size and weight
  • Design


  • No edge protection
  • Sticky pad life

The Puro Galaxy Note case is available from the Puro.it website in black or white and costs €29.99 plus shipping.

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