Review: Word Crasher Blitz by Kevin Ng

This clever little game will have you searching your brain frantically for every word you have ever heard – but it’s so worth it.

Shaking the foundations of the repetitive action games by adding a twist, iTunes GB Word Crasher Blitz is a tactile and ultimately satisfying game. The game is simple but don’t be fooled into thinking that it will be easy! Smooth looking buttons fall from the sky into your game play area and it is your job to create words from the selection given. The colourful buttons bear letters and you must select them one by one in order to create words at the bottom of the screen.

Once a word is created, the green tick button can be selected and those letters are removed from the game play area. In Marathon mode and Flood Panic mode, the rate of the buttons falling increases over the game and if the stack reaches too close to the top the game is over.

Word Crasher Blitz has a number of modes of game play:

Quick Play – In this mode the game play area fills with colourful buttons and you have to create a word that will give you as many points as possible. This mode has led me to some particularly interesting words as well as finding out words that I didn’t know existed, for example – did you know the word ‘qua’ existed? Or is this a word everyone knew and people were mocking me for not knowing it???? The game certainly improves your vocabulary as I regularly stumble across words I think that I may have invented, only to find that they are genuine words when looked up in the dictionary – play and learn at the same time!

Marathon – This game play mode is my personal favourite as the clock is ticking and you have to eradicate as many of those lettered buttons as quickly as possible by creating words before they reach the top. When you have reached a certain point, the next level begins and the board is cleared. As mentioned before, the rate of falling buttons increases throughout the game in Marathon mode. When this occurs it seems that despite the plethora of letters awaiting my selection, I seem to forget every word I know leading to that sort of panic where I just start pecking at the screen frenetically with my finger to achieve any word possible (This may just be me). This is usually followed by me shouting ‘aaaggghhh!!!’ before laughing at myself and starting the game again. The sound of that buzzer ringing as the buttons get closer to the top is heart-pumpingly, teeth-clenchingly nerve wracking as the aforementioned memory loss of all words occurs and it is a race to regain my composure to complete the level.

Flood Panic – The title of this mode of play pretty much sums up what occurs; the game play area is filling rapidly with water which makes the buttons float, increasing the speed in which they reach the top. Creating words becomes a frenzied task and there is no room for error.

With smooth, cheerful graphics and a chirpy soundtrack the game is incredibly attractive – bold bright colours and contours and the popping popcorn with accompanied sound effect on the end of game screen is a nice touch. Tilting the screen allows the buttons to slide around the game play area, clicking softly as if there were indeed physically tangible. If I were to find any criticism within the game it would be that the adverts are a little intrusive in the free app but these can be dispensed with for a small sum. The only other annoyance that I had was that some words which I know exist did not appear to be recognised but there may be reasons for this and in all honesty, this only happened twice.

I really have found this game crazily addictive and my iPod has received much more of a battering than usual battery-wise but I’m determined to keep on playing, getting higher and higher scores.

The implementation is impressive even though the idea behind it is simple. Do you sit there waiting for a specific letter to drop to complete your chosen word and risk that it all gets out of hand or do you stick with as many small words as you can? However you decide to play the game, do just play it – word creation may not seem like the coolest concept but with the style of this game, it exudes cool all on its own.

Word Crasher Blitz is available from the iTunes Store for free.


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