SIM Free Galaxy S II Last To Receive ICS Upgrade

Normally you’d expect SIM free devices to have the greatest flexibility in terms of OS updates. They’re typically free from the network bloatware that carries put on their devices, and of course should you change carriers there is no unlocking process involved.

However, CNet is reporting that the unlocked SIM Free version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will be last to receive its Android 4.0 ICS upgrade – a foreign concept to many users, especially those running Android, who are used to carrier supplied handsets being the last to get any updates. Most are still waiting after Samsung confirmed the update had begun back in early March.

Why is this the case? Well because the SIM Free versions of the handsets can work on every network, and so have to be tested and approved by every network. And think about it, there’s a pretty good incentive for them to drag their heels. They want their handsets to be approved and get the upgrade first – it gives their precious locked devices an advantage over the SIM free versions, their handset gets the latest and greatest update first.

Now, while this isn’t going to affect any SGSII owners who have already purchased their handset, its certainly going to make many think twice about which device to buy to make sure you get the update first.

Simon Stanford, VP of Samsung Telecommunications and Networks for Samsung UK and Ireland said:

We were working with our operators to make sure that we brought it out to as many people as we can," Stanford added. "Vodafone we’re expecting imminently [to release ICS]. Open market will be once we’ve got all of the operator pieces on board… It’ll come at very much the same time.

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