Fresh from mourning the death of Steve Jobs, Apple have released…(drum roll, please)… the iPad 3! If you didn’t hear the incredible fan fare in the lead up to and on the day of release then you ought to go and get your hearing checked, but is it really worth the hype?

With many critics slamming the release, asking whether Jobs himself would have released the iPad 3 and with the obvious missing elements of Jobs’ visionary insight and PR excitement where does that leave Apple’s newest baby?

Let’s check out the facts, good and bad:

Hey, everybody, come see how good I look!

There’s no denying it, the iPad 3 is a work of art, one that you will proudly carry in your arms, as if cradling a newborn baby. Aesthetics are everything in the technology world, and Apple is well aware of this fact.

Take a look at my high-resolution screen Wow. Check out my fancy, new high-resolution screen. Sparkly, isn’t it? Why, yes, and some users have reported difficulty with their screen when trying to read eBooks with others reportedly unable to tell the difference between this screen and that of it’s predecessor.

Greased lightening!

Okay, so we expect Apple products to be fast and the iPad 3 is just that. Boasting a speedy A5X processor and quad-core graphics the iPad 3 seems to be running to catch up with Apple’s full-sized iMacs. Equally, apps and games run effectively and smoothly with the use of iOS 5.1 – so you won’t be missing out on your obsessive games of ‘Draw Something’ or ‘Temple Run’.

Too hot to handle!

Users have complained that the iPad 3’s battery gets too hot with use and testers have reported a 10-degree heat increase when compared with its predecessor. Apple have responded to this stating this is “well within our thermal specifications“.

Hey, Chunky Monkey!

Okay, so the iPad 3 isn’t huge, but it is a little chunkier than it’s predecessor, which is odd, considering we live in a world where we expect technological devices to get smaller with improvement.

“I REFUSE to expand”

What do you mean I’ve used all my storage space up? Yes, that’s right, once it’s gone, it’s gone. The iPad 3 has a distinct lack of additional storage space meaning if you want to add more you’d better start deleting!

Combine these points with reported Wi-Fi connection problems and you get a real tug-of-war. So, which camp are you in? The iPad 3, for or against? I wonder where the late Steve Jobs would place himself…

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