Having their kids exposed to dangers online is what many parents cry against. Thousands of dollars have been spent on research works to find a way to minimize the dangers kids face on the internet. Yet, the impact internet threats have on our kids cannot be taken with levity. While the measures for keeping kids safe online increase by the day, many parents end up having their kids interact with online predators and internet scam artist every day.

The effect of this goes beyond their internet activities, because it also affects what your children do when they are even away from the internet. It affects their views of their parents, how they relate with friends and what they say to people about themselves.

Children need to be kept safe from these online dangers, and we all need to work towards achieving that. In my post, I’ll be sharing some warning signs you should expect when your children are exposed to dangers online.

Unusual Isolation

Unusual isolation is one of the many displays of children that have been exposed to dangers online. Kids always feel low about themselves whenever they have been attacked at their weak point. This affects their social and physical lives too.

Once you’ve started noticing that your child is isolating himself/herself from others – some covering this up by reading every time friends are around them – you should start investigating into what he or she has been doing online.

You don’t have to do it in a lousy way that makes them feel more uncomfortable and thus worsen the situation, but do it in an inviting manner.

Feeling Reluctant to Express Him/herself

Another warning sign you will notice when children are exposed to internet dangers is reluctance in self-expression. When children feel reluctant to express themselves, you should spend time with them and try to know what problems they are facing.

You might not be able to get them to express themselves to you the way you want, because the fear that you might not understand them well will become dominant in their thought. Again, there is a way to end that, and that is by promising to understand everything they say to you – and endeavoring to do so too.

Using the Computer in Secret

If you have noticed that your child always use the computer in secret, there is only one thing this suggest: hiding his activities from the people around him.

When people are not proud of what they are doing, they usually keep it a secret.

You know, children are more liable to do silly things on the internet when they feel unmonitored. And having your children left alone in an isolate “computer room” might create the atmosphere of not being monitored.

Make sure your kids don’t use the internet in a lone environment. Have them use the computer in the family living room where your eyes can easily reach them.


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