Amazon Android Store Brings Test Drive Feature For App Discovery

The Amazon Appstore has announced it has begun a beta rollout of its Test Drive feature, allowing users to try out an App on their phone, without ever actually downloading and installing it.

Today Amazon has enabled over 5,000 apps for Test Drive on Android phones and are adding more all of the time. Supported Apps will have a “Test Drive” button on the App page, and in seconds it will start simulating the App as if it were running natively. The App is installed and is running on Amazons servers, pushing the display through to the handset.

Test Drive currently supports apps that utilize the touch screen and accelerometer inputs.  Apps that require Java Native Interface (JNI), keyboard, multi-touch, microphone, camera, gyroscope, near-field communication or GPS are not currently enabled for Test Drive.  As Test Drive adds these features, apps will be automatically re-tested for inclusion.

The Test Drive beta is available for free to customers who update to the latest release of Amazon Appstore – version 2.6.53.

Source: Amazon App Store Dev

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