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And My Next KickStarter Project Is: Wallee Magnetic iPhone Mount

You may have seen details of my last KickStarter investment, the Pebble E-ink watch, which exploded into the most funded KickStarter project ever. In the spirit of keeping an eye on more useful tech that needed a hand getting produced, I’ve now backed Wallee.

Wallee is a magnetic mounting system for iPhone4/4S or Galaxy Nexus handsets. There is a custom fit case with a metallic cross shape on the back, which you can pair to a magnet on either a  discreet sticky pad, a pivot stand, or a car suction mount. The magnets they are using are “rare earth/neodymium magnets that are safe for use in electronics” and only in the accessories, so the case it magnet free!

I love the cross shape design which allows you to easily swap orientation from portrait to landscape, and the case looks slim and well fitted and is available in either black or white.

As of writing there are currently 100 backers who have raised $8,201 of the $35,000 goal. The Australian based company, Studio Proper, already produce a similar iPad mounting kit and this will make a great complement to it, so if you’re interested get over to the Wallee Kickstarter project and pledge your support!

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