AppleCare: To Buy Or Not To Buy

When we buy electronics, we’re often offered to buy extra warranty, too, and when we buy Apple products, salespeople don’t forget to offer us the special AppleCare, which includes support and a range of service products for all Apple devices, including the iPhones. Do we need that extra warranty? Is there any sense in paying extra money for it? Let’s now try to find this out!


1. Safer traveling

AppleCare will make it easier and safer for you to travel with your Apple device – in case you drop or damage it, you won’t have to worry and think what to do and how to fix it.

2. Immediate support

If your Apple device is very expensive and if you use it for doing important work, you can’t afford waiting for a long time to get it fixed in case something happens to it. In this case AppleCare can be really useful, since you’ll get almost immediate support for your device.

3. Support others 🙂

Most stores make money by selling warranties, since the profits they get from selling devices are rather low. So if you have spare money, you can buy AppleCare and support the store that way! 🙂


1. Too expensive

All Apple products are rather expensive (compared to other similar devices), and when we pay a big sum for buying them, we think it would be great to have some extra protection for them – just in case. But the thing is – AppleCare as extra protection is rather expensive, and most likely, we won’t even need it at all. For example, a protection plan for a MacBook Pro will cost you $349. But even if something happens to your MacBook during the two covered years, I’m almost sure it’ll cost you less than $349.

2. The first year is already covered

All Apple products have a one-year warranty and 90 days of free telephone support, so if you buy an Apple product that has defects or any problems, you’ll most likely figure it out very soon, during that first year. As for the free telephone calls, the only thing you can ask the operators is how to use this or that feature. Again, the first three months (90 days) seem to be enough to understand how your device works and ask all kind of questions about it.

3. Upgrades are possible

Every year Apple releases new versions of their most famous products (like the iPhone or the iPad). If you’ve bought an Apple iPhone 4S last year, you’ll most likely buy the iPhone 5 this summer or fall, so the warranty for the first year is enough for you – the chances are big that you’ll use your Apple device for only a year anyway.

4. Sell it for parts

After all, if you damage your Apple device after the first year of warranty, you can always sell it for parts. It’ll get you some money, and if you add a bit, you’ll be able to buy the newest upgrade.

So it seems like there are more cons than pros and buying AppleCare isn’t quite a good idea. Anyway, it’s up to you decide if you need it or not, and the arguments above are just something to take into consideration.


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