Everyone who watches television has experienced the frustration of trying to locate the remote control.  Then, when we do finally find it; the fact that the buttons have been pressed down whilst jammed down the side of the settee means that the batteries are flat.  Well, those of you that own a Samsung Smart TV might have an answer to this problem, thanks to the Samsung TV remote App™.

How it works

The free app, which can be installed on both Apple and Android devices, allows you to control your Samsung TV using either your mobile phone or tablet.  This works by connecting your phone to your home WiFi network, which is also attached to your Samsung TV.  Note that this can only be used with Smart TV models that are also connected to the home network.

Samsung TV App for Apple – Samsung TV App for Android

Basic functions and Smart

In its most basic form the Samsung TV Remote App is great for simply turning the TV on, switching over and adjusting the sound.  The App is intuitive to use and you simply select TV Remote option from the home menu and leave it on the normal tab.

Utilising Smart TV Functions

If you are looking to make use of some of the more advanced functions that the App offers then you can simply tap the Smart tab at the top of the screen.  You now have access to the various media that is present on both your TV and connected mobile device, including music, photos and videos.  In addition you can access and control any of the Apps that are already installed on your Samsung Smart TV o download more if you.  Whilst you may think that this App would only be good for you when you cannot locate the actual TV remote, it does actually provide more functionality.


There are several options that are simply not available to you on the standard remote control.  It is also much simpler to control the TV and find the right buttons that you need to successfully browse the menus.  However, perhaps the most useful addition that the App provides is the fact that you can use a full on screen touch QWERTY keyboard.  As a result it is much faster to make use of the browser than is otherwise possible with the standard remote control.

Overall a very useful little App that a must for all Samsung Smart TV owners, considering the fact that it is absolutely free to download!

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