Review: Weathermob by Weathermob

Talking about the weather has never been so interesting with Weathermob.

All across the world, we’re fascinated by weather – whether (you see what I did there?) it is a gloriously sunny day or a miserable grey rainy evening; the weather is a big part of our lives and determines much of our behaviour and clothing choices. Fans of Twitter may just love Weathermob as it has a similar feel and is a great little tool to share your thoughts on what is going on weather-wise near you.

On entering the app you are presented with a series of photos and smooth icons to provide an attractive contrast to the beige backdrop of the app. The main ‘Explore’ menu holds a series of quick links to allow you to easily see reports from the people that you are following. This menu also gives you the option to view ‘Most Loved’ reports, this gives you the opportunity to see the reports that have had the most ‘Likes’, and not just from people you follow – the whole Weathermob universe. This is a great little option for displaying the most popular posts and could lead to you making a new friend along the way. The Weathermob Stars option appears to give you reports from users favoured by the application, to be honest I’m not actually sure how you gain star status and I couldn’t find a way of discovering how you can accomplish this but I assume there is a logical way.

You can easily view your own reports from the main Explore menu if you wish and here you receive messages from the application to let you know what sort of status you have gained by posting reports. The great thing about the app is that you can talk about the weather with people near you using the ‘Nearby’ option that uses location data to show you what people are saying about the weather where you are. You can bask in the glow of sunshine or moan about the cold with a like minded individual in the vicinity.

The app also has a built in Weather Forecast with beautifully crafted graphics that really impressed me. A full seven day forecast is available as well as hourly report for each of those seven days so there is no need to swap between the Weathermob app and any other app or weather site to get an idea of how the weather is going to look in a few days time. The temperature can be viewed in Fahrenheit or Celsius and the chance of rain indicator is a handy little feature. The forecast has an informal look to it while hopefully remaining accurate (it certainly has been so far) and the general look and feel is quite sublime.

The best bit about Weathermob is the ‘Report’ option. This option allows you to choose a graphical interpretation of the weather where you are, a smiley/sad face indicator to show how happy/sad/meh you are feeling and graphical icons to indicate what the weather would be good for (e.g. Eating warming comfort food, eating an ice lolly etc).

As if this wasn’t enough, you have the option to add a photograph or video of your choosing from your library or to take a photo or video of your surroundings and post them to your report. Some of the reports posted by others are truly breathtaking – you can see what the sky looks like in Italy or what flowers look like blowing gently in the Californian breeze in America. It really is a little social network all of its own with loyal fans posting some great photos and videos. Like other social networking apps you can share status reports, add comments to reports, like user posts etc so you can easily join in the conversation.

The ‘News’ option gives you notifications such as who has started following you, who has commented on your statuses – all the things you would expect from a social tool. The ‘Me’ option gives you the information on the number of reports you have posted, those following you and the option to post your reports to Twitter and Facebook also. You can also add friends from Facebook and Twitter as well as searching for Weathermob users. You can invite friends too with an email invite. The settings are well laid out and easy to navigate and select.

Overall the application is well designed and highly functional. The only thing that irked me a little was the fact that when I tried to link up to Facebook I was informed that I would have to adopt the Facebook timeline and I haven’t converted just yet. This should not be a problem for most people but I have been trying to cling onto the original look for as long as possible so it was a step I didn’t really want to take – most people are on Timeline now so realistically this is not a bad point of the app – just my preference. I thought that it was worth mentioning for those who haven’t got Timeline yet. The application posts reports to Twitter splendidly and the social aspect of the app is very appealing.

I feel that this will be a very useful app when there are extremes of weather; this is when the ‘Nearby’ section to the app will be extremely beneficial as users can post warnings about specific areas with photos or videos. The news does not always cover all areas and with user reports on the weather in one place, Weathermob should prove to be a practical tool in passing on information during bad weather. Unlike other social networking apps, with weather being the focus, every user has that in common and as the majority of us care about what goes on up there in the clouds – it makes for a popular and attractive app to have.

In summary: eminently useful, fun, social, rewarding and informative. Marvellous.

You can download Weathermob in the iTunes UK store for free now.


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