Casinos have been popular for decades, particularly in places such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the United States. As seen in the movies, these places offer the idea of glamour; mixing with the rich and famous, celebrating in style and partying until daylight. In the UK, gambling is perhaps less glamorous than in America but is still a popular hobby.

In 2010, Las Vegas and Atlantic City reported a decline in revenue from the previous year, with Las Vegas being around $300m down, and Atlantic City around $400m. Although these cities are the big players in the gambling industry, the UK, France and Germany also reported a decline in revenue. It is reported that this dip coincided with the boom of online gambling. The general opinion, however, is that the decline in revenue of real life casinos, although possibly hindered by the online sensation, is not a direct result as online gambling attracts mostly new players.

With the advancement in technology, the world of gambling has been made readily available over the internet. This poses many advantages that appeal to the everyday person, who might otherwise have never tried playing iPhone casino games.

Technology and broadband speeds meant that companies could now offer streaming which lead to live dealer games. The Vegas experience was now on offer to the average Joe without the need to even leave the house.

The launch of the iPhone – and its increasing popularity over the years – has created yet another platform for accessing the games. Although initially the games were Flash based – which were not supported by the iPhone or iPad – companies have already begun to make them compatible, ensuring that they are even more accessible to those on the go.