Apple showed off its new version of iOS – iOS6 at the annual WWDC2012 on Monday.

I am going to take a look at some of these features in more detail in a series called iOS6 Focus. This will be based on currently available Beta versions, in this case the initial Beta 1 build, so bear in mind details and screenshots may change as Apple refines its next mobile OS.

One of the new features mentioned was Do not Disturb, the ability to silence the phone for calls and reminders. here we take a look at Do Not Disturb on iOS6 Beta 1 in a bit more detail.

Do Not Disturb is accessed directly from the Settings menu with a standard slide toggle on/off.

Clicking Notifications – Do Not Disturb takes you into the Do Not Disturb Settings. From here you can toggle the Repeated Calls override, setup a list of your friends that can override Do Not Disturb and call anyway, and schedule the DnD times.

The Scheduled toggle allows you to set an automatic time that Do Not Disturb will turn itself on and off. So in the example below, DnD will turn itself on at 10pm each night, and off again at 07.00 each morning. This allows you to have pre-arranged times without having to remember to activate it each night.

Allow Calls From lets you setup a group of people that can ring through DnD so you don’t miss an important call.

By default, your list of Favourite contacts are allowed to ring through Do Not Disturb, but you can override it with Everyone (pointless?) and No-one. You can also select from your pre-defined groups in your Contacts which is very nice. It will probably encourage me to actually create some!

Written By: Rob Gordon

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