There have been numerous iPhone5 leaks in the last few months, as there usually are when the run up to a new device from Apple occurs. Unusually however, this time actual believable parts images have been circling the interwebs.

These front and rear casing images came along in May, confirming leaks from manufacturers pointing toward a ‘taller’ iPhone with a 3.9” display. The parts also showed a smaller dock connector and the movement of the headphone jack from the top to the bottom of the device.

TechCrunch are now claiming to have “independently verified” that the reported smaller dock connector is correct and will be introduced on the next generation iPhone.

The exact size is unknown, but apparently the connector will go from a 30-pin port to a smaller 19-pin one, doubtless still proprietary as Apple continues to shun the standardisation toward Micro-USB connectors on their devices, opting for adapters instead.

If true this will present an expense to both consumers and third party accessory makers. The 30-pin connector has been standard on the iPhone since launch in 2007, and on iPods long before that.

Previous accessories utilising the connector will no longer work, and whole new ones will need to be made. The Apple faithful will of course buy regardless, but more mainstream consumers upgrading will have to find a new home for any speaker docks and then buy again.