With most companies across the world relying on the provision of mobile broadband to keep them in touch with their associates and their finger on the pulse whilst out and about, you may be fooled into thinking that business professionals and sales reps would be the most frequent users of mobile broadband.

However, due to the unprecedented rise in the sale of smartphones over the past year, students are now, in fact, the most likely group of customer to sign up to a mobile broadband package, turning to discount code sites for Vodafone Promo Codes to get the best deals.

Mobile broadband allows smart phones and other digital devices to connect to the Internet from any location from which a mobile phone call can be made.  This makes the service ideal for students who are frequently away from a laptop or PC for the majority of the day, but who still want to connect to social networking sites, check emails or search for information.  Students are most likely to use their smartphone whilst at school or college, or whilst travelling there or back.

Access to the massive expanse of information that the net provides has proven to be a valuable learning tool for students, with the student broadband market exploding as a consequence.  In fact, in 2011 98.8% of the total UK Internet users were aged between 16-24.

These figures are set to rise even further, with research suggesting that an increasing amount of children and young teenagers are regularly logging onto online revision sites to gain a competitive advantage in their GCSE and A-Level exams.