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Paintcode – The Missing Bridge Between Programmers And Graphic Designers

PaintCode – turning vector graphics into Objective C code Graphic elements in applications are very often a headache for developers. And if there usually no problems with writing code for a simple element like, for example, square or circle, it’s not that simple with writing code for interface elements and icons. In such case a new application called PaintCode will help a developer and will convert the projects of complex vector images into Objective C code, which you may immediately paste into the  XCode.

Mac and iOS developers have to deal with the necessity of creation of applications for different screen resolutions on a regular basis. In theory, you could use .png files for each screen resolution, but this is not the best option. The thing is that bitmapped graphics, if compared to vector graphics, will significantly increase the size of the application.

The main advantage of vector graphics is in that it is much smaller in comparison with the .png files, and it can be displayed on any screen without loss of quality because the image is not made out of pixels, but from the instructions on where a particular object should be put, and what dimensions it should have.

The advantage of the PaintCode is that it not only converts a vector image into the code, but is itself a full-scale application for creating vector images.

PaintCode is available in the Mac App Store and costs £69.99

Author’s bio: Eugene Rudenko is a technology fan who writes for IT company Intellectsoft. For more information you may visit their site.

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