Three Introduce EU Internet Roaming For £5/day

Three have announced that they are bringing in a “Euro Internet Pass” allowing unlimited mobile data for emails, social networking and the like for only £5/day.

The pass is available to all monthly contract Three customers, and when arriving in your European destination simply turn on your phone and you’ll automatically receive a text message with a link to where you can go and activate the bundle. The £5 is valid until midnight (GMT) on the day you purchase it. Needless to say tethering is not included.

A weeks holidays could add up to £40 which isn’t bad if do a lot of social networking and email checking whilst away, but for occasional users you would probably be better off with a cheaper capped 10Mb or 25Mb bundle.

The opt-in bundle overrides the maximum roaming tariff of £43 so go over a week and you’d be worse off than just using PAYG.

Source: Three Blog

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