Back in mid-May I reported on my second Kickstarter funding bid – the “Wallee M – Modular Magnetic Phone Mounting System”.

Happily (particularly for me) the project just reached its goal of $35’000 and the mounting system will go into production. Wallee is a magnetic mounting system for iPhone4/4SGalaxy Nexus or Galaxy S2 handsets. There is a custom fit case with a metallic cross shape on the back, which you can pair to a magnet on either a  discreet sticky pad, a pivot stand, or a car suction mount. The magnets they are using are “rare earth/neodymium magnets that are safe for use in electronics” and only in the accessories, so the case it magnet free!

wallee magneitic phone mounting system kickstarter success

If you missed out on the Kickstarter funding, don’t worry the case will go into full production and will be available to purchase directly from Studio Proper – they’re taking pre-orders now.

It wasn’t the runaway success like the Pebble – the excitement of Kickstarter projects is more in the creation of something absolutely new, something that is a good idea, but needs funds to bring the dream to life, and people around the world believing in it and pledging accordingly. Wallee is put together by a fully fledged company, and the product already exists for the iPad, this is merely a spin-off version. In effect, they have used Kickstarter as a way or guaranteeing some pre-orders for a new product range, which isn’t quite the ethos but it looks to be a useful accessory and I’m glad Studio Proper are now set to produce it.