AVIS today announces the launch of a pilot service at Edinburgh airport, giving customers mobile connectivity while on-the-go.

AVIS are making available the use of portable hotspots, which will give customers instant internet access whilst in the UK, allowing easy access to emails, documents and even social networking sites for just £8.50 per day.

The £8.50 per day charge bags you up to 500Mb of internet usage per day. Its not clear yet how this is tracked or if the service simply cuts you off when this limit is reached.

The new service can be booked through Avis’ call centres and the portable hotspots collected at the Avis branch at Edinburgh Airport. Users can connect to up to five devices at once – meaning laptops, smartphones, tablets and even game consoles can access the internet simultaneously, enabling several passengers to use the internet at the same time at no extra charge.

Kaye Ceille, Managing Director, Avis Budget UK comments:

Internet access is becoming essential for business and leisure travellers and an increasing number of people require daily internet access whilst abroad  to contact the office, read their emails or simply  keep up to date with news and friends and family via social networking sites.